Wouwse Plantage is a small nucleus in the municipality of Roosendaal, in the mid-19th century after the mining of the country. The land was originally part of the marquisate of Bergen op Zoom in 1795 but was at the National Domains and again in 1839, Baron Pierre de Caters Joseph sold this part of his domain after the cultivation of them gave the name Wouwse Plantation.

B&B Ouwerveldezicht located on east side of the Brabant Wal. Information can be found at: www.brabantsewal.nl

There are in the Bed &Breakfast Ouwerveldezicht many natural areas include:

  • Wouwse plantation estate. Nature trails through the whole year. The characteristic historical buildings in the plantation center are only open during the summer on wednesdays in July and Augus't. Outside this period, contact the local tourist information Roosendaal. The estate is just 1.5 km away from Bed &Breakfast Ouwerveldezicht.
  • Lievensberg estate (There is a bare foodpath with a lenght of 2 km, performs the most beautiful spots of estate Lievensberg)
  • Mattenburgh estate(www.brabantslandschap.nl)
  • Kalmthoutse heide (www.grensparkzk.nl)
  • Castle garden Ravenhof, Moretusbos te Putte (www.staatsbosbeheer.nl)
  • Benedensas is a beautiful historic locks in the Steen Bergsche Vliet (water). Nice place to stay and to stabbing with a movable pedestrian bridge.

Besides the cycle Brabant You can also use the Belgian cycling network. Cycling 1, 28 and 81 in the direct route from the Plantation 35 km of cycle route easy to follow through the hexagonal red-white signs around the Brabant shore. Various cycling and hiking routes available in the B &B.

B&B Ouwerveldezicht is nearby the longdistancehickingpaths GR 5 en GR 11, the Grenslandpath and bicicletours LF 2 Stedenroute en LF 13 Schelde-Rheinroute. In short, a mecca for cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers and nature lovers.

The route is seven delights' s ANWB (AA) car route with a length of 100 km with an alternative by rainy weather. In the Middle Ages, "glory" for the area that belonged to a gentleman. As the glory of Bergen op Zoom, which the seven municipalities along this beautiful route is nice by bad weather. Information and route are available in the B&B.

Besides nature, there is much more to experience near B &B Ouwerveldezicht.

Thus, the area include;

  • a golf course ( www.golfwouwseplantage.nl )
  • skydive centre Roosendaal
  • the baker mill in Essen – Wildert (België)
  • karrenmuseum (old agriculture carts) de Kiekenhoeve Essen (België)
  • ice-cream farm
  • cheese farm
  • children farm with lot's of pets
  • goat farm
  • arboretum in Kalmthout
  • Rosada Factory Outlet te Roosendaal


All necessary shops are approximately 3 km away. Even organic produce and fresh local produce such as cheese, strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus etc. at various farmers in the area for sale depending on the season. And fresh (Belgium) rolls even on Sunday!


On ca 1,5 km distance is a toplocation with a excellent restaurant Kwizien www.kwizien.eu . Other information and tips in the B &B map.

In the wider area has plenty to see and do. Zeeland's waters, including the Oosterschelde is about 30 km away. Antwerp is the local train from Essen (B) in 40 minutes. Station Essen (Belgium) is 3 km away parking is free.